This is a log of sexual encounters I have of a bisexual nature.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

I like to give head. I've discovered that I am very good at sucking cock and I like to do it. It gives me a feeling of power to have a guy's dick in my mouth, making him jump, twist, vibrate and cum. I have met a married guy who is interested in having his cock sucked alot. (seems most guys would like this) He has come over to my house twice so far and I have sucked him off 3 times.

He has orgasmed all 3 times. Twice in my mouth, once on my face.

I met him on the Yahoo chat channels. His on screen name is lookingforaguytosuckme. Says it all. He is not into cock and does not want to do anything "gay" at all. He is in such denial, he says that he is heterosexual, even though he specifically has guys suck him off. I guess he feels like he is not cheating on his wife this way.

Don't get me wrong, I do not care what his justification is because all I want is his cock and hot, salty jiz down my throat. He tastes so good and he drops big loads all the time. He has a bunch of other guys who suck him off, I do not care. As long as he cums over here and cums in my mouth I am satisfied with that arrangement.

Funny thing is, I do not even know his name. I know he told it to me once, but I was not listening. I was too busy sucking and stroking his cock to listen.

I found out something I did not know about myself. I really like the taste of cum. I love the feeling of his cock throbbing as it is ejaculating into my mouth. The taste is fantastic and his loads are very big and juicy. The sound of his moaning as I suck his cock is a great turn on. He calls me a "cocksucking whore" and asks me how much I love his dick while I suck him to orgasm. I find the dirty talk to be a real turn-on. When he called me a cocksucking fag, I thought I was going to blow my load.

I've been studying the Paris Hilton Video and I tried the "jack the cock, suck the head" routine she does and he went wild with it. He came so hard and so much in my mouth, some of it spilled out onto his balls. I licked that up right away. Never want to waste a drop.

I love the taste in my mouth after he comes, it is so great to have cum breath. Semen is of a great texture and taste, I think all guys should suck cock when they are younger, at least twice, as the first time goes by so fast. After all, you should never ask a girl to do something you are not willing to try first.

The first time he came over, he pulled into my garage, I closed the door. I had him stand and I just reached out, opened his pants, pulled them down and started sucking. He came in ten minutes as I jacked his cock for all it was worth. He left and I figured that was it, I would never see him again.

About 2 months later, he chats me. I invited him over, as no one was home. Again, he came down stairs and I kneeled in front of him, opened his pants, and sucked him off. This time he came with a real big load in my mouth. I swallowed it all and kept on sucking.

He asked if I wanted more. I tried to say yes, but my mouth was full of something, I think it was his cock. I asked him to fuck my mouth, so he started slamming his cock in and out of my mouth as I held onto his cock between my lips and sucked him hard. I took all of him as he fucked my mouth in and out, deeper and deeper. He sat down and I continued to suck him, employing the "Paris Hilton Stroke" until he moaned and told me he was going to cum again. I grabbed his cock, pulled it out of my mouth and started running it around my lips and face and continued stroking it as he ejaculated his salty spray all over my face, beard and chin. He said
" Put it in your mouth" so I did, but just for one quick down and up suck. I pulled it out and let the rest of his cum land on my face. Some of the cum landed on his balls and sac, I quickly sucked it down. Tasty, VERY tasy.

I got up and ran to the mirror to see his jiz on my face. It was in my beard, on my nose and all over my lips. I hungerly ran my tongue around my lips, tasting his sperm on my tongue, it was fantastic! I left the jiz in my beard and on my nose and let it dry. Once he left. I masterbated thinking of his hot cock in my mouth.

I have this garden pad, purple, (my favorite fag color) that I call my blowjob pad. I use it each time I blow him. No big deal here, just like calling myself a fag and found this a good time to do it :-)

When my wife got home, I again gave her a deep blowjob kiss, again she did not acknowledge the taste of sperm on my lips. DAMN! My birthday is cumming up soon. I hope to blow a cock-candle for it.......then eat all the frosting that squirts out.
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